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Fabric 1

Producer/Manufacturer: Gale Pacific USA Inc.
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Design Name
Patrick Howe

Design Company

Fabrication Company

Installation Company

Please describe the project specifications

The client was remodeling their backyard and knew they needed a shaded area for relaxation. The home is a beach hideaway that has been in the family for multiple generations. Besides the shade, the clients were looking to match an "ocean-to-the-beach" color scheme. The desire was to have something functional that would also fit and enhance the unique design aspects of their vision.

The area to be shaded was a 22' x 15' soon-to-be-constructed patio that would be used for outdoor entertaining. Since they were undergoing a full remodel of the yard, we were able to put in the posts before the remainder of the patio was set.

The design consisted of 5 steel posts, painted white, in varying heights, and two overlapping shade sails. The overlapping sails helped meet the design requirements for an "interesting look."

To meet the ocean color scheme, the clients chose DualShade's Maldives. This fabric color also influenced the rest of the color choices for the patio furniture, mural, and accents on the house.

What is unique or complex about the project?

This project may not be the biggest or the fanciest, but the final presentation is stunning! This project really showcases the fact that shade sails, when planned as a part of the project from the beginning and not added on as an afterthought at the end, can enhance any space.

The designer for the backyard remodel had this to say, "We started with the elevation of the shade sails. The installation of the shade sails pretty much set the tone for the whole thing. That gave us the elevation for the patio and from the patio, since it was a sloping site, we did steps here, steps from the deck, and then steps down into the core area which is a little putting green. So we had to make everything blend with all of the elevations.

The shade sails were instrumental in setting the tone for the whole project."

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