Main Attractions

Project Details

Fabric 1

Verseidag B1673

Fabric 2

Keder Solutions Ultra 2500

Engineer Company 1
Army Corp of Engineers; AECOM-Tishman

Fabrication Name
Pat Moughan & Joe Eimer; Scott Sutherland; Fred Tracy

Fabrication Company
Losberger; Olympic Tent; Fred's Tents

Project Manager Name
Rocky Sconda & Dean DiAlfonso; Brian Pagliari; Igor Berkovitch

Project Manager Company
Main Attractions; Starr Tent; Event Services

Please describe the project specifications

Construct a 1,200 bed temporary Alternative Care Facility to accommodate area hospitals overflow due to Covid virus.

What is unique or complex about the project?

In March of 2020, the New York area was the epicenter of the corona virus. Hospital beds were filled to capacity. Covid patients were being admitted to Senior Citizen Care Centers where the elderly contacted the virus causing death to many. The Federal Government ordered Alternative Care Facilities to be constructed under the over sight of the Army Corp of Engineers. These ACF’s were designed to relieve the overcrowding at area hospitals by admitting patients with less serious medical conditions. We were selected to construct a 1,200 bed facility in Long Island, NY. There was a five week timetable for completion of a fully operational 225,000 sq ft facility. Numerous trades were contracted to meet the deadline. Over 500 workers worked 24/7 for five weeks to meet the challenge. In addition to the tenting we installed flooring and lighting. Over 7,500 sheets of plywood, 35,000 pieces 2” x 6” wood beams, hundreds of bay lights were used on the installation. We requested assistance from our competitors to complete the contract.

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