Losberger De Boer Group (Middle East)

Project Details

Please describe the project specifications

This award nomination recognizes a powerful and ground-breaking example of how advanced event structures can support the launch of a new mega-sporting event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We delivered an impressive 190-meter-long pit lane building together with second-floor hospitality and spectator outdoor viewing facilities.

Our company was responsible for project managing the 'turnkey delivery' of the pit lane structure to support this event within a tight 40-day build time frame together with the rapid dismantling of the entire structure immediately following race day.

Conscientious construction was required, as the event took place within a busy part of Riyadh. Therefore, we managed to keep the level of traffic disruption on surrounding roads and access ways to an absolute minimum.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

In a first for the electric street racing series, Formula E brought the international motorsport to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of a ten-year agreement with the General Sports Authority and Saudi Arabian Motor Federation. Our company was awarded the temporary structure build contract from international event management sub-contractor, CBX, for an undisclosed sum.

The client asked for a temporary, solid and high-quality structure that could be integrated easily into a seamless complex with pit lane facilities at race track level and VIP hospitality facilities. Moreover, they requested a visitor viewing platforms on the floor above. Supported by clear span, unique look, due to the use of wood, glass and aluminium, and curved roofs, visitors would be able to experience the feeling of electric motorsport in the best and closest way.

Safety was a key issue to the client, so we opted to use fire-resistant materials and took extra measures to even further secure the anchoring of the structure. Our structures and processes met the strictest international standards: EN NEN 13782, ISO 9001, 14001 and SCC.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Again, this is a story of many firsts.

Since the race track is located in the center of a busy working city, the challenge for us was to keep disruption to local residents and businesses to a minimum. This was especially challenging as the pit lane structure had to be built next to an active public road (later closed for race day) creating access restrictions.

With careful advance planning, our project team was able to manoeuvre the necessary lifting equipment into place in a safe and compliant way, while ensuring the original project timetable was maintained.

Furthermore, as this was one of the first mega-sporting events ever to be held in Saudi Arabia, it was difficult to find staff or sub-contractors in the country with temporary structure knowledge and build experience. Therefore, it was necessary for our team to fly-in experienced event structure builders from the UAE and Europe at great expense. However, this ensured the project was delivered on deadline and according to international ISO-certified safety standards.

What were the results of the project?

It took us 4,554 men hours and 23 days to build an outstanding 190-metre-long pitlane and hospitality building, that fulfilled our mission to create the best customer experience.

Carlo Boutagy, CEO of event management firm CBX - Formula E project managers in Saudi Arabia - provided this testimonial outlining their experience of working with us:

“The company built the E-motion pitlane structure for the Formula-E, which kicked off this season in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The time frame to complete the project was very short and challenging. This project was very important for us. The team worked exceptionally well to complete the structure on time and has proven to be a reliable partner. We are looking forward to working again with the company on future projects,” Carlo Boutagy, CEO, CBX

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