Propex GeoSolutions Chattanooga, TN

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer: Propex Geosynthetics
Supplier: Propex Geosynthetics

Engineer Company 1
Absolute JV

Design Company
Propex GeoSolutions

Fabrication Company
Propex GeoSolutions

Graphics Company
Propex GeoSolutions

Project Manager Company
C.W. Matthews Contracting Co. Inc.

Installation Company
Athena Construction Group Inc.

Please describe the project specifications

The purpose of the project was to stabilize 1,000 sq. yds. of slope that was adjacent to busy runway. The stabilization material had to be geotechnically engineered to provide surficial stability against a four foot failure and the matting needed to be durable and resilient up to 50 year design life. To meet this criteria, ARMORMAX high performance turf reinforcement mat (HPTRM) and nine foot B2 Engineered Early Anchors were used.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the world’s busiest airports, accommodating 100 million passengers and more than 950 thousand flights per year. Heavy rainfall was causing severe erosion and slope failure along the fifth runway. If not corrected, the increasing erosion and surficial failures could have grown to create a globally unstable slope. The client requested a solution that would stabilize the slope and provide a vegetated outcome that would be easily maintainable.

What is unique or complex about the project?

All work was completed within security and the Aircraft Movement Area (AMA) of the airport. Machines and large equipment could not be used above the slope because of the proximity to an active runway. Traditional armoring solutions, such as rock rip rap, would have required using multiple machines. In contract, the equipment used to install ARMORMAX is compact and minimal.

What were the results of the project?

Initial analysis of the slope showed that the Factor of Safety (FoS) was 1.0. This level of FoS can be classified as a pending failure because any new element, such as heavy rain, can push the slope over the stability threshold. After ARMORMAX was installed, the FoS was significantly increased to more than 1.3.

Additionally, ARMORMAX helps lock in seeds and promotes rapid root mass development. This technology has been recognized by the EPA as a best practice for preventing erosion and stabilizing disrupted land. After installation the slope was quickly vegetated and remains lush today. In addition to providing aesthetic improvements, the vegetation helps improving groundwater quality and has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than traditional armoring solutions. ARMORMAX has also proven resilient to non-hydraulic stresses such as heavy mowing and maintenance equipment.

The completed installation provided the client with a fully vegetated solution with a 50 year deign life. The project owner is very satisfied with the results of the project.

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