Short Corner Tackle Surfside Beach, TX

Project Details

Fabric 1

(N)DEAVOR! Hidden Creek - Marsh
Producer: Morbern
Supplier: Rochford Supply

Fabric 2

Producer: Glen Raven
Supplier: Trivantage

Fabrication Name
Kathy Day

Fabrication Company
Short Corner

Installation Name
Kathy Day

Installation Company
Short Corner

Please describe the project specifications

This project consisted of creating an oversized leaning post seat with matching backrest, a backrest and seat cushion utilizing the locking aluminum storage box in front of the console, and a removable "door" for the top shelf of the console. Cushions were made oversized and quick drying, custom sized to the frame/lock box and covered in Morbern Marine, Hidden Creek - Marsh vinyl. Custom welt and hidden gimp was also created using Morbern Marine, Hidden Creek - Marsh vinyl to keep the flow of the pattern consistent. Ventilation panels were incorporated using Phifertex - white, and all cushions were sewn using Tenara thread - clear, both from Trivantage. The console cover utilized the Morbern Marine, Hidden Creek - Marsh vinyl backed with phifertex to add stiffness. The sides of the panel were lined with extreme ultra seal in black, and the top of the panel was sewn to black marine keder. Black pvc track was installed along the top width of the console for the panel to slide into. The panel was secured on three sides with black dot durable mariner caps and studs were screwed into the console. All items from Trivantage.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The purpose of the project was to create comfortable and durable seating that elevated the look of the custom 18' Boat Right Gulf Coast Flounder Boat and was a better reflection of the owners' personalities. The boat was a fun edition to the "Big Torch" family (they also have a 62' Viking convertible and 28 Boston Whaler), mainly for use by the owner's 2 sons. They also requested removable console coverage to protect sensitive electronics housed on the top shelf.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The unique part about the project was that the boat was a blank canvas, but had an undeniable personality due to the various fishing and electronics upgrades that were on the boat. It was immediately evident that this was not your typical flounder boat. The captain for the family's Viking approached me about doing something for the new boat, but that it had to be perfect. While camoflauge material hides some flaws, it can draw attention to a multitude of others. It had to flow perfectly, and every leaf or blade of grass needed to look correct. The console cover was the trickiest piece to make, It was actually prototyped several different ways before the final one was completed. Due to variance in the dimensions within the console, and the various electronics bolted in place, making something that would keep water out, be easy to remove and install, and had the durability was tricky.

What were the results of the project?

The owners were pleasantly surprised and impressed with the outcome. The boat has a monstrous personality, comfortable seating, and is easily kept clean after a long night of fishing. While the boat is much smaller that the family's sportfisher, the Night Torch demands just as much attention.

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