ROEDER Zelt-und Veranstaltungsservice GmbH Buedingen,

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Producer: Röder Zelt-und Veranstaltungsservice GmbH

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Project Manager Name
Armin Burri

Project Manager Company
Orgatent AG

Installation Name
Armin Burri

Installation Company
Orgatent AG

Please describe the project specifications

The top tournament of the European football leagues, the UEFA Champions League, is also considered as the most challenging club competition in the international football world. The final game is one of the most popular sports events in European television and was held this year in Milan, Italy.
Our client, UEFA (Union of European Football Associations), wanted an attractive tent landscape in front of the San Siro stadium.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

Our subsidiary installed exclusive tent structures with a total area of 22,000 square meters. Our team started in early April, so that the guests could be entertained in the tents of the Champions Village on 28 May. Within seven weeks, a spectacular landscape with attractive tent systems from small party tent to the big event hall was erected. Party tents with span widths of 6 meters and 5 meters with total 265 meters length as Walkways. Several party and big tents with span widths of 10 meters and 15 meters and event tents DICE 5 meters as entrance halls, dining and kitchen areas. Twelve event tents with spans of 15 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters and 30 meters in different lengths as sponsors lounges and hospitality areas. The tents were equipped with aluminum-glass facade and tarpaulin, the tent gables were branded with sponsor logos.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Big challenges in the realization of the Champions Village were the local conditions outside the stadium in Milan. The location first had to be fully prepared. The organizer removed trees and bushes, 5,000 cubic meters of earth were piled up, the new ground was leveled. Since the terrain was not generally planar, a vertical offset of 2.75 m was installed in the Champions Village. The connection between the two levels was performed by custom-made staircases.

What were the results of the project?

The customer UEFA, the sponsors and their guests were impressed by the attractive tent structures and equipment. Our subsidiary is the tent supplier of the UEFA Champions League Finals since already 14 years. We are proud, that we can equip this event for such a long time, because we see this as a recognition of our performance and service.

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