Mystery Bay Sails and Canvas Nordland, WA

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer: Glen Raven Custom Fabrics LLC
Supplier: OTHER, Rex Pegg Fabrics

Fabric 2

OTHER, Evolution
Producer: OTHER
Supplier: OTHER, Bainbridge International

Fabric 3

Top Gun
Producer: OTHER, MarChem
Supplier: OTHER, Rex Pegg Fabrics

Design Name
Suzi Clinefelter

Design Company
Mystery Bay Sails and Canvas

Fabrication Name
Suzi Clinefelter

Fabrication Company
Mystery Bay Sails and Canvas

Project Manager Name
Suzi Clinefelter

Project Manager Company
Mystery Bay Sails and Canvas

Installation Name
Suzi Clinefelter

Installation Company
Mystery Bay sails and Canvas

Please describe the project specifications

This fly bridge cover was fabricated for a 45' Navigator power boat of 'Black' Sunbrella Fabric.
It covers over windshield, to aft railing, draping over side below top deck gunnel. The cover was shaped around the radar arch with 'wings' on the outside of the arch for securing. All openings around stanchions, railings, radar arch, and bimini frame are secured closed with separating zippers, and a snap at top and bottom of zipper in zipper cover band. This cover secures to the boat with shock cord cover clips to shock cord lacing knobs. These cover clips and knobs are hidden under the cover's side skirts for a clean, streamlined finish.
Top Gun was used for reinforcement and chafe guard over the windshield frame and at stress points, such as the radar arch. Evolution was used for a barrier between the Sunbrella cover and seat backs.
Due to the length, width and flat run of the cover, two support poles with rubber foot bases, are utilized to create shape for water run off. To minimize water intrusion, a band of Sunbella with a light weight clear vinyl insert was installed around the radar arch opening, creating a rain gutter, directing the water off of the cover and boat. Leather chafe around the rail, stanchion, and bimini frame openings act as rain gutters in those areas.
This cover spams over the steps leading up to the fly bridge. This opening area creates ventilation which keeps the fly bridge fresh, and eliminated the need for installing vents in the cover. Two sets of openings were made to accommodate the bimini frame in both the open and stored position.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The purpose for this cover is two fold. First to protect the fly bridge console, seats and carpeting from year round weather conditions, which are primarily seasonal rains. Second is to keep the fly bridge clean for the owners.
The boat owners first request was Black Sunbrella. That was very easily accomplished!
Beyond that the main concern of the boat owner was minimizing, if not totally eliminating rain intrusion in the fly bridge area. With careful design and making each opening only as large as needed, adding the rain gutters at the radar arch, and draping the side skirt's lower than the gunnel, this was accomplished.
The owner gave me free rein in the overall design, as long as I met his above criteria. Because I have a long history with the owner, I knew that aesthetics would be important. I knew that he would appreciate the clean look of the shock cord cover clips and knobs being hidden under the fly bridge cover's side skirts.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The fly bridge on this boat, aft of the windshield has no right angles. Patterning this project took a bit of time to determine how to bring all the angles together over and around stanchions, rails, and where it spans over the stairwell. Creating the rain gutters at the radar arch, and getting a snug fit was also fun.

What were the results of the project?

Results are very good. The boat owner is thrilled with it, and did in fact appreciate the hidden detail of the shock cord clips and knobs.
We had a winter of extreme winds and the cover held up great, staying in place while many other covers got blown away. I know the rain gutters work. As I was finishing installation, a squall blew through with drenching rain. I was installing a shock cord knob at the radar arch and got a solid stream of water down my collar!
I am currently working on fabricating a new bimini with side curtains for this boat.

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