Mystery Bay Sails and Canvas Nordland, WA

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer: Glen Raven Custom Fabrics LLC
Supplier: OTHER, Rex Pegg Fabrics

Fabric 2

OTHER, Evolution
Producer: OTHER
Supplier: OTHER, Bainbridge International

Fabric 3

Top Gun
Producer: OTHER,
Supplier: OTHER, Rex Pegg Fabrics

Design Name
Suzi Clinefelter

Design Company
Mystery Bay Sails and Canvas

Fabrication Name
Suzi Clinefelter

Fabrication Company
Mystery Bay Sails and Canvas

Project Manager Name
Suzi Clinefelter

Project Manager Company
Mystery Bay Sails and Canvas

Installation Name
Suzi Clinefelter

Installation Company
Mystery Bay sails and Canvas

Please describe the project specifications

This project is a full mooring cover for a Classic Wood 21' Hacker Craft.
The two piece cover is fabricated of 'Jockey Red' Sunbrella. The fore and aft sections secure together with zippers running from center to chine on each side, aft of the windshield. The zipper cover band is additionally secured with full length Velcro and snaps at the top and bottom of the zippers. A zipper is placed on the bow stem with Velcro and snap closures. An opening for the installation of a bow eye is also placed on the bow stem area of the cover.
The cover secures to the boat by being fitted to boat shape and with a hidden shock cord band that runs under the hull chine. It has two webbing straps that run side to side under the hull and secure with nylon buckles.
The cover transom piece is fitted around the swim platform, and extends down to attach to the shock cord band. This connection makes a three point corner, the transom piece, hull side piece, and shock cord band. The corner created aids in keeping the cover in place.
Top Gun is used over the windshield to protect the cover from chafe on the unframed, beveled glass windows. Evolution protects the varnished gunnel and Sunbrella fabric. It is placed over the engine box and transom deck as a precautionary barrier between the varnished wood and the Sunbrella fabric.
Due to the rather long, flat run from the windshield to the transom deck, two support poles have been used to create shape for water run off. They also work to hold the cover off the varnished engine box and transom deck.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The ultimate purpose of this cover is for year round weather protection. This boats home port will be in British Columbia, where it will be subjected to the seasonal rains and snow fall. During summer months the boat will be stored in a boat lift on the lake shore. Winter months, it will be stored on a trailer.
The owner wanted the cover to be designed to accommodate both locations. It had to be easy to put on and remove, with no hardware that permanently attached to the boat. The owner also required that the cover would stay in place during road transits.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Creating a mooring cover that secures with no hardware attached to the boat hull, and stay in place while being transport many miles on the highways, and is pleasing to the eye is always a challenge. Each boat has it's own unique characteristics that have to be taken into consideration, making each design custom and unique.
It was a learning experience to work with the boat builder/instructor at the school instead of directly with the boat owner. I had to be very precise in asking questions of design requirements to the instructor, who in turn talked to the owner, then relayed answers back to me. Communications skills were the first key element in creating this design.
Next was time management skills, as there were numerous delays before I could begin patterning. Again, when patterning started, communication was very important to make sure I got all details noted, to minimize pattern or cover adjustments. Details of where final placements of swim platform, vents, cleats and other hardware on the exterior were very important in the patterning stage.
This project was exciting because I not only had the opportunity to utilize new skills gained in designing and fabricating other projects, but it gave me the unique opportunity of learning and honing new customer relations skills.

What were the results of the project?

Wonderful! The cover fits very well, looks good, and is ready for travel.
The NW School of Wooden Boat Building is very happy with how the project came together, and the how well the mooring cover looks. I am working on another mooring cover project on a boat currently under construction at the boat school. Each time I am there some one comes by to tell how well the Hacker Craft cover looks.
With the continued compliments and a second project underway at the school, I would say that this Hacker Craft Mooring Cover project is a success.

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