Sollertia Inc. Montreal, QC

Project Details

Fabric 1

Précontraint 1202 Formula S
Producer: Serge Ferrari
Supplier: VSO

Fabric 2

Soltis 86
Producer: Serge Ferrari
Supplier: Les Toiles et Câbles LaSalle

Fabric 3

Soltis FT 371
Producer: Serge Ferrari
Supplier: Serge Ferrari North America Inc.

Engineer Name 1
Jérôme Côté (for the structure)

Engineer Company 1

Design Name
Nathalie Lortie (design of the architectural membrane in collaboration with architect)

Design Company
Sollertia Inc.

Architect Name
Diane Gervais

Architect Company
Diane Gervais Architectes

Fabrication Name
Bruno Hervy

Fabrication Company

Subcontractor Name
Mathieu Lafrance

Subcontractor Company
Lévesque et associés

Project Manager Name
Marie-Claude LeBlanc

Project Manager Company
Sollertia Inc.

Installation Name
Claude Le Bel

Installation Company
Sollertia Inc.

Please describe the project specifications

Located in a suburb of Quebec City, Parc Roland-Beaudin with its concert stage is a popular park. Our mandate was a collaboration with the architect and the engineer on the design of a 367-square meter (3 950 sq. ft) concert stage canopy made of double curvature removable membranes, textile façade panels and 33 linear meters (108 linear feet) of retractable fabric walls.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The engineering firm, LGT, and the architectural firm, Diane Gervais Architectes, were looking at a retractable or removable roof as a solution for the already existing stage in Parc Roland-Beaudin. The aim was to conceive a removable membrane roof because the existing infrastructure could not handle snow loads.

What is unique or complex about the project?

With the positioning of the foundations already pre-determined and the impossibility of adding additional ground anchors, the challenge was to find a structural solution for the stage roof. The architects wanted the volumetric proportions to be restrained resulting, of course, in minimal curvature in the membranes. This meant that we had to be extra vigilant with the equilibrium in the form that the membranes took in order to provide stability in terms of wind load and adequate drainage of rainwater.

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